Hill Strong

Seaweed promotes flowering faster plant growth It helps the plant to grow in height and grow quickly, and protects the plant from stress.

The growth of the plant thanks to the high alnic acid contained in it A rapid and equal growth is seen in the phase of this both vegetatively It is also important from a homogeneous point of view.

It contains nitrogen with high organic matter (10%) in its composition. It is a solution of amino acids.

Hill Strong leaf made entirely from herbal sources, from sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation; with all kinds of fertilizers and pesticides can be applied by mixing.

Crops such as extreme or low temperature, drought, lack of water If it is applied during the periods when the development slows down, when it is stressed for reasons, It has a stimulating effect and prolongs the time to withstand these negative conditions. Thus, it saves time for the plant and revitalizes it in a short time and enable it to continue its development activities. By accelerating the root development of the plant, the nutrients in the soil are transferred to the plant. Promotes transport.

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