Hill Pot

A product with potassium fills the inside of the fruit during the fruiting period. It makes the fruit bigger and gives color to the fruit.

The element that plants need the most after nitrogen is potassium. Due to the presence of EDTA in it, it is used by plants. Easier and better. It does not contain Chlorine (Cl) and Sulfate (SO4ion).

Regulates turgor pressure. It prevents water loss and wilting in plants. Photosynthesis, plant nutrients and photosynthesis products helps them move.

Increases enzyme activity in plants. Increases protein coverage. of fruits. It increases the brix (dry matter amount) rate.

Hill Pot, which can be applied from the soil and foliar, especially before the harvest. It is an effective product for fruit growth and quality.

Other high nitrogen-containing potassium fertilizers harmful to fruit quality on the contrary, it does not contain any nitrogen.

At the same time, since it does not contain chlorine and sulfur, it can be easily removed from the leaves. It can be applied, does not cause problems such as stains or early ripening.

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