Hill Amino

It will be used in all periods of plant development, will give vitality to the plant and will enable it to grow in a more balanced and powerful way.


The high amount of amino acid structure in it promotes high efficiency. Thanks to the plant growth enhancers, structures and acid regulators in it, it chelates the macro and micro nutrients that the plant cannot get from the soil, making the plant more comfortable.


It also fills the fruit during the fruiting period. Thanks to the amino acids it contains, it initiates sweating even when the weather is cold and closed, and calcium is transported easily to the plant with the movement of water.


It has a formulation that can be easily removed without damaging the cell wall of the plant. It is an organic product.


It prevents the death and folding of the end bud in seedlings. It prevents growth stagnation in adult vegetables, small white spots and shrinkage in fruits.


Contributes to the attitude of flowers and fruits. In fruits, it extends the fiber.

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